How To Be Commission-Free

You don't have to pay commissions to anyone.
You get your own bookings from your hotel website.
You can use that additional revenue for improving your services and guest satisfaction.

Your Own Hotel Booking Engine

Booxys can be integrated to your existing hotel website.
No need to change anything in your site.
Booking engine runs directly in your web site. No iframes, popups are used.
Your site visitors will not get annoyed as their booking flow will be seamless with Booxys.
This will increase your booking conversion rates.

The Most Cost Effective Hotel Booking Engine

With a small fee of $199 per year and absolutely no commissions, it is the most cost effective solution in the market.
You will get back your small investment in the first 1-2 bookings.

A Truly International Booking System

Booxys has multiple language support.
You can publish your web site in as many languages as you want.
Your customers can book your rooms in their own language.
Your visitors will prefer making their reservations from your site when they see their languages.

How to Give Your Web Site Users an Amazing Experience

Our servers are hosted in Amazon’s cloud data centers.
Your site will load blazing fast even if you have occasional high traffic during special periods.
Your users will have a wonderful web experience and will be more likely to make bookings.

Your Phone and Tablet Bookings Will Dramatically Increase

Booxys web site templates are mobile-friendly.
Your visitors can reach your website even from their mobile phones or tablet computers.
They can make booking from their mobile devices.
They choose your web site for booking instead of other mobile-friendly websites.

Unconditional 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are very confident with our Booxys service and your satisfaction. To show that, we promise to fully refund your money within the first 90 days of purchase if you would like stop using Booxys.

Free Website Templates

You can use one of our free hotel website templates.
You will have a brand new, latest technology, and mobile-friendly free web site.
Your customers will prefer booking from your site.

Easily Update Your Hotel Web Site Content

No need to learn any technical skills or contact your webmaster to add new content.
Booxys has an easy-to-use content management system.
You can manage all your web site texts and photos from an easy-to-use back office.

Visitor Analysis: How to Know What Users Do on Your Website

You can see what your visitors are doing on your web site. Step by step.
You can view all stages of your booking process: visits to searches, searches to booking forms, booking forms to bookings.
It will be easier to see the parts of your booking process that can be improved: design, rates, security.

Sell in Any Currency

Your customers can view room rates in their own currency.
They don’t have to make currency conversion to make their travel budget decisions.
Booking process will be fast and will more likely be completed.

Sell More Than Rooms: Tours & Transfers

Booxys also has tour and transfer modules.
You can sell additional services like city tours and transfers besides rooms.
You increase your revenues.
Your customers will love the convenience of booking all travel services from one point.

Automated Booking Emails That Saves You Time

Automated emails for booking confirmation are sent to your customers in their languages.
You don’t have to write manual emails to each guest and save you a great deal of time.

Our Support Team Will Get You Started with Booxys

We are providing integration support.
Your webmaster can get Booxys installed quickly with little HTML knowledge.

Promotions Will Set Boost Your Sales

You can publish promotions for specific dates and room types.
Your customers will make more bookings.

Astonishing Photo Gallery and Dynamic Map

You can publish a wonderful photo gallery that will help your visitors decide for their stay.
Managing the gallery is easy as clicking a button.

We Can Host Your Web Site

To ensure you have the best site performance, we can provide hosting service.
You don’t have to deal with the technical details of your hosting and your site will be loaded at top performance.

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